Conveniently centrally located and known for its urban vibe, trendy restaurants, and shops.

Welcome to DuPont

Everyone is welcome in this inner circle
Dupont is conveniently centrally located and known for its urban vibe, trendy restaurants, and shops. Its busy Connective Avenue promises to keep you busy all day exploring the different eats and treats. Dupont has a little something for everyone, as it includes plenty of established places where regulars hang out right alongside newer, hip tourist sites and experiences that keep all walks of traveler coming back for more. It has its share of historic homes and architecture but also offers a bustling after-hours environment that feels entirely current and young.

You can get a taste of international flavors in both its hip restaurants and its art galleries. There are bookstores, boutiques, dive bars, embassies, museums, and excellent people-watching spots (like its namesake Dupont Circle, a popular park and traffic circle right at the center of town).  It’s an eclectic neighborhood that is famous for accepting people of many backgrounds and seasons of life. Its international culture is one of Dupont’s most celebrated features.

What to Love


Local Lifestyle

Dupont is urban, artistic, and even a little bit eccentric. Inclusivity matters here: it is an international hub as well as a proud host of the Capital Pride Parade each June. Longtime DC residents, as well as new community members, find new things to love and appreciate about Dupont. There is always something fun and different to explore.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

For an award-winning menu, look no further than the swanky Iron Gate Restaurant. The Mediterranean fare is inspired by the chef’s travels through Greece and Italy. Another upscale establishment is the restaurant at the Tabard Inn, which has also been decorated with distinctions. It features a cocktail lounge and fireplace and is an excellent spot for Sunday brunch. For another taste of the international, visit the cozy Bistrot du Coin, a French restaurant that also offers Belgian food. The authentic, vintage French posters covering the walls will transport you to Europe. Finally, Hank’s Oyster Bar boasts the “best oysters and freshest seafood” in Dupont and greets you with a fun, casual, beachy vibe. For shopping, Dupont has it all: bookstores, fashion, beauty, and decor. To truly bring home a piece of the local culture, try Shop Made in DC. Its wares are produced exclusively by fellow DC residents, and the shelves will fill with different items by the season. Local artisan food is sold here, too!

Things to Do

As the heart of the community, Dupont Circle is the place to stroll around and observe games of chess, dogs being taken for a happy jaunt, or yoga sessions. You can even pack a picnic and enjoy it near the majestic marble fountain. For further majesty, you can take a tour or glide through the museum at your own pace at the Anderson House, an exquisite historical mansion featuring artifacts, weapons, and portraits from the Revolutionary War.

If history’s right up your alley, there’s also the Woodrow Wilson House, another impressive mansion in which the former president spent the last years of his life. Tours are an easy hour and give insight into the eccentricities of the man, proving Dupont was the appropriate place for Wilson to settle in his final days. For the younger crowd, a visit for beer and bar games at the Board Room always produces a winner.


Dupont is served by the District of Columbia Public Schools system.

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